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An Illuminating Journey of Self-Discovery

A Letter-Based Self-Discovery Journey


for those who long to reconnect with their true selves…

and find a little magic along the way.

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Life’s busy.

With growing to-do’s and inboxes that never hit zero, eventually…

you forget to do you.

Who were you were before you belonged to them- spouse, kids, job?

You're not sure who you are after becoming a mom.

Pouring from an empty cup, not sure what you want to be when you grow up,




Breathe easy…

you’re in the right place, mama!

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Firefly Scout After.png
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…the journey begins with the Firefly Scout Illumination Kit.

The Illumination Kit comes to you as a series of magic-infused letters mailed to your actual mailbox.

Each kit contains a toolset that will take you on a journey to discover your true self, illuminating you along the way.