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An Illuminating Journey of Self-Discovery

There’s way more to life than Target runs, Starbucks, and loading the dishwasher over and over.


  • You have a pretty good life but you are waking up to the fact your identity has been slowly given away.

  • There’s a feeling that something’s missing in your life.

  • You’ve lost the awareness of who you really are, what you’re truly feeling and what your purpose is.

  • You’re stumbling to find a solution to guide you back since the initial roadmap of life has been completed (college, job, marriage, kids, next job and then...)

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what if…

There was a way to reclaim yourself?


Your free spirit and wild desires… Your passion for life… The roots that make the real you…


What if you could reclaim it all while reigniting your ability to notice the magic and wonder all around you?





a letter-based journey of self-discovery that will help you reconnect with your why, illuminating you from the inside

and adding a little magic to your day-to-day.

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step 1

Firefly Scout Self Discovery Journey


Make a commitment to yourself and receive a series of transformational letters via mail across 4 weeks.

step 2

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do the work

As you go through the exercises and learn the tools, you’ll start transforming, opening, and growing.

step 3

Firefly Scout Self Discovery Journey 3

return to you

You’ll finish scouting out a greater sense of direction, wonderment, and magic in your life.


It is important to remember that we cannot become what we need to be by remaining what we are.
— Max Dupree
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Firefly Scout typewriter

Starting at $99

The Illumination Kit gives you the tools, guide, and support to:

  • Discover and pursue personal interests

  • Re-imagine your life and let go of outdated thoughts and habits

  • Take better care of yourself, feed your soul, spirit and body to fuel your dreams and ambitions

  • Improve your life experience

  • Maintain positive and supportive relationships

  • Gain powerful knowledge about yourself to use in a meaningful way


Frequently Asked Questions:


Why Firefly Scout?

The name Firefly Scout was brought to life to bring the wonder and magic of fireflies, giving glimmers of hope in the growing darkness and scouting, seeking a path that will get you unstuck.

Will this give me all of the answers I need?

No guarantees and results will vary, but if you open yourself up to the process, amazing things will happen.

How long until I receive my first letter?

Letters will be mailed within 7-10 days upon order and standard mail durations after that. If you don’t receive your letter within 14 mail days from order, please contact


How do I report missing letters?

Each letter travels via USPS and delivery times may vary. If it has been more than 14 mail days since the last letter, please contact

I moved, how do I update my mailing address?

If you set up mail forwarding with USPS, the letters should forward along with all of your other mail. If you would like to change your delivery address for remaining letters, please contact

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