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An Illuminating Journey of Self-Discovery

Wondering what your purpose is and tired of all the internal BS holding you back, you’re done checking off all the big life to-do’s (job, house, husband, kids, etc)…

Now what?

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Hi there,

I’m Stephanie!


I’m a working mom, just like you, with two toddlers and a husband, who woke up one day and realized I was overwhelmed and had lost my WHY, my sense of purpose and identity in this season of life.

Through a lot of intentional exploration, I became aware that I’m so much more than that and was limiting myself when I let those details define me. I've taken the process I went through and packaged it up to share with you.


I’m so excited to help you illuminate the real you inside and let it glow! 





the journey of changing one’s mind, heart, self, or way of life.

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on the journey…

Scout out the possibility…


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 The Myth + Magic of Firefly Scout

Fireflies hold a sense of wonder and delight as they fly around with their inner glow on a warm summer night. They remind me of magical times of the past, when everything seemed to flow. Firefly Scout brings that magical feeling back into our lives as we scout out what really matters and grow our glow.


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Getting unstuck starts with action. Here are 2 things you can do today to start living an authentic life.


My free Reclaim the Day checklist gives you a list of simple actions you can take to align mentally, spiritually, and emotionally.

Get the Illumination Kit. A letter-based self-discovery journey that’ll revive your true sense of self, building magic along the way.

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The journey has to feel like you want the destination to feel.
— Danielle LaPorte